Myles Goodwyn And Friends Of The Blues

Myles Goodwyn is back with the blues and has brought some friends along with him!

Myles Goodwyn’s passion for the blues began in 60’s when he started listening to American blues artists like BB King, Howlin’ Wolf and Muddy Waters. Although the blues songs he wrote over the years never made it onto an April Wine album, he kept saving them for the blues album he knew he was going to make one day. Myles Goodwyn And Friends Of The Blues is the result of these sessions.

Some of the Friends joining Goodwyn are; Jack de Keyzer, Garret Mason, David Wilcox, Amos Garret, Kenny “Blues Boss” Wayne, Joe Murphy, Frank Marino, Shaun Verreault, Bill Stevenson, Rick Derringer and more.

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Myles Goodwyn

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