Racine Revisited

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Racine Revisited

Sass Jordan

270321 | CD, Digital
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it’s Racine’s 25th birthday – a milestone for any musical

recording that sold as much as it did. So, we decided to throw a year

long celebration in it’s honor, which gives all the fans a chance to

connect and reminisce about where you were, what you were doing,

and how far you’ve come since then. Re-recording such a landmark

album was not a venture that we took lightly, because once you release

your music to the world, it becomes the emotional property of anyone

who connects with it, and rightly so. Sass has personally heard from so

many of you about what it meant and still means to you, and is

humbled and amazed yet again by the power of music to soothe the

soul and fire up the engines! We wanted to be true to the original

recording, but to do something we had never heard of before ... and

this is what we came up with, after talking to the birthday baby, Racine

herself! Instead of doing the obvious, and updating the vibe, bringing it

up to the sound of today’s recordings, and making it all shiny, sparkly,

hissy and huge – why don’t we recreate the record as if we were IN the

‘70’s, and try to make it sound like it would have if it had been recorded

during that seminal decade – where the original recording drew its

roots from?