Three-Time JUNO Award winning singer and songwriter Ashley MacIsaac and  Jay “Sticks” Andrews have joined forces to form ‘FDLEЯ ,’  a new collaborative project album set for release on June 24th on Linus Entertainment.

FDLEЯ  is a mash up between dance and experimental Celtic music, that stretches genres and opens new directions in world/fusion/edm 

“He had an idea of what he wanted to make as far as combining Celtic music and electronic music, and I had already been messing with this type of music, Celtic stuff, mixing it with electronic music. That’s how it started.” - Jay Andrews

“I don’t think this is a club record. I think there’s stuff on it that can be mixed for clubs, and there’s some songs that are really geared that way, but it’s really dance music through all different styles. Dance music is always something I wanted to make.” - Ashley MacIsaac 

FDLEЯ  was born of a love of beats and tunes over several years of collaborations with producers and mixers along with Joe Collins of Polaris studios, in Ashley's adopted home town of Windsor ON. Jay and Ashley have been playing live together along with various musicians performing mostly Ashley hits, with Jay adding a fresh flair with his beat box and laptop. They started trading riffs that were more dance in nature and built the songs with the help of different mixers and beat producers.

Born and raised in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Jay Andrews discovered his love of electronic music at the age of 18. He began producing and DJ’ing predominantly mashup music, but then moved into producing other types of electronic music. From 2009 – 2015 Jay performed and toured with DRUM! Nova Scotia’s cultural theatre performance, Squid Precision Drumming, before meeting Ashley MacIsaac, where upon the two become fast friends and began creating amazing music together.