Fit As A Fiddle

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Recorded at CBC Studio H., Halifax, May 1993. Produced by Glenn Meisner and Dave MacIsaac. This is Natalie's first recording released on CD and is full of lively and fresh arrangements and includes many noteworthy musicians.

1993 saw Natalie back in the recording studio to update her sound and take it to another level. This is a traditionally based recording which has stood the test of time like few others.

Recorded before her recording contracts were in place and world wide touring schedules were in full flight, this is still Cape Breton fiddle music in a very basic but beautiful setting. The accompaniment is top-notch with Dave MacIsaac on Guitar, Tracey Dares and Howie MacDonald on Piano, Jamie MacInnis on Highland Bagpipes and Sandy Moore on Harp.
Featured prominently are Celtic guitarist extraordinaire, Dave MacIsaac and piano player Tracey Dares. Highlights include: the beautiful, "If Ever You Were Mine" and the ever popular, "Jean’s Reel". The artwork was changed completely for this title in 1996. The recording was also remastered at that time.

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