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In 1989, Natalie MacMaster, then only 16, recorded her first album entitled, "Four On The Floor". This album was made available only on cassette, however, helped bring Natalie's personal and dynamic fiddle style to the attention of a much wider audience and helped launch her new career in traditional music.

Just two years later, Natalie followed up by releasing her second album, "Road To The Isle", also only on cassette. These two titles went on to sell over 12 000 copies respectively. This was accomplished without a record label or distribution company.

Finally in 1996, highlights from both of these early recordings were combined to form this remastered CD release, "A Compilation". The repertoire is classic Cape Breton: traditional tunes learned from such masters as Winston Fitzgerald and her uncle Buddy MacMaster, alongside tunes by island composers such as Jerry Holland and Dan R. MacDonald. Solid accompaniiment is provided by pianist John Morris Rankin, Betty Lou Beaton and guitarist Dave MacIsaac. On some tracks her own step-dancing can also be heard, which will evoke a strong image for listeners who have seen her perform live.

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