For over 25 years, the Canadian jazz-funk-fusion band, The Shuffle Demons have been entertaining fans around the world. The band’s high energy out-of-the-ordinary live show bills them as folk, jazz and world music festival mainstays and has taken them on 15 cross-Canada and European tours, as well as through Asia, India and Australia. Now, the Shuffle Demons return with their first album of new material in close to 20 years - CLUSTERFUNK - an explosion of fusion that will keep crowds shaking to the funky jazz rhythms they’ve become accustom to over the band’s extraordinary career.


Album Track Listing

1. Sell Me This

2. One Good Turn

3. Way After midnight

4. He's The Drummer

5. All About The Hang

6. Earth Song

7. Daddy Long Legs

8. Shanghai Shiffle

9. Fukushima

10. Strollin'

11. Bottle and Cans

12. On the Runway