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Marc Jordan, Murray McLauchlan, Cindy Church, Ian Thomas

This is no songwriter's circle!

Lunch At Allen's is an extraordinary musical revue by internationally renowned artists, Murray McLauchlan, Cindy Church, Marc Jordan, and Ian Thomas who have collectively come together to perform as a band.

It all began as a regular get together at Allen's Pub & restaurant on The Danforth in Toronto with Canadian music icon Murray McLauchlan and old friends Ian Thomas and Marc Jordan. After adding the voice of Cindy Church, a "lunch at Allen's" turned into an outstanding band performing some of Canada's (and the world's) most enjoyed songs from each of these songwriters' impressive catalogues. The stage show is an intimate and humorous performance by some of Canada's finest individual performers.

Marc Jordan and Ian Thomas' songs have been recorded by everyone from Rod Stewart to Bette Midler, and Diana Ross to Santana. Murray McLauchlan's hits have covered Canadian airwaves from coast to coast. Cindy's (the sweetest) voice and songs are well known on the folk festival circuit through her solo work and as a member of Quartette with Sylvia Tyson. Together, it seems as though they've been playing for years with an energy and freshness like they've just met.

The irreverence of friends who make exceptional music together during a magical Lunch At Allen's is enjoyed by audience members while the group is on tour.

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