Perfect Landing

Co–produced and mastered by four–time GRAMMY Award–winner Dixon Van Winkle, Perfect Landing features three of Luther Henderson’s acclaimed interpretations of Bach — "Dixie Bach," "Cool Bach" and "Bebop Bach" — as well as four Spanish culture compositions, diverse but significant contributions to brass repertoire that beautifully demonstrate the emotional power of brass instruments and point the way for future generations of brass players.

Perfect Landing joins an esteemed discography of over 130 albums — featuring stunning brass standards and over 600 original arrangements that continue to score Billboard chart positions — by masters of their craft.

Album Track Listing


1. Perfect Landing

2. Brandenburg Concerto #2, Movement 3

3. Spring Quartet, K. 387

4. Dixie Back

5. Vals Peruano

6. White Rose

7. Muy Linda

8. Cool Back

9. Granada

10. Shalom Aleichem

11. Bebop Back

12. El Relicario

13. Recuerdos de la Alhambra

14. Passacaglia and Fugue in C Minor

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